Thursday, February 25, 2016

US-backed thugs terrorize people in Syria

Syria Direct: "Residents are reportedly heading south, deeper into IS-controlled areas, rather than north, east or west into territory currently controlled by the Kurdish-majority SDF because they say they are afraid of arrests, expulsions and revenge killings, Abdullah al-Ahmad, an activist in Al-Hasakah city, told Syria Direct on Monday.

“The crimes that civilians witnessed the Kurdish militias commit in neighboring villages, such as expelling them [from their homes], along with arrests, killings and pillaging, is driving them toward IS despite people’s hatred of them,” said al-Ahmad."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Car-Free Day in Dubai: Thousands of commuters leave cars behind "Emirati Aisha Hajji, an employee at a government department, said she takes the metro a lot to work. “When the weather is good, I take the metro to work as there is a metro station near my home. The trip is comfortable and I do not have to get stuck in traffic, and it also allows me to walk, which helps me burn some calories on my way to work,” she said."

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thousands expected to participate in Dubai annual Car-Free Day

The National: "Indian Sanjeet Patel, 38, said that if the campaign were expanded it could encourage more people.

“If they had some kind of offer where they had a car-free month or fortnight and made public transport cheaper, then you could get more people hooked that way,” Mr Patel said.

“For many people, myself included, we are stuck in old habits about using cars to go everywhere. But by having a longer campaign it would be more in the public eye and people would know about the alternatives."

Monday, February 1, 2016

Saudi journalist: "buying cars not smart"

Arab News: "And Saudi cities urgently need decent, clean and air-conditioned buses that anyone, local or foreign, can use to get around. As our cities continue growing at breakneck speed, we will have larger and larger traffic jams. Encouraging people to keep buying more and more cars is not the smart way forward. The public must have the option to choose between taking a bus, metro, taxi or their own cars to get around."

Dubai hopes to have 1,000 companies take part in Car Free Day

The National: "Over the past six years, Car Free Days have saved an estimated 140 tonnes of carbon emissions. Alya Al Harmoudi, the municipality’s director of the environment, said the estimates were based on the readings of air-quality measuring instruments that record the levels of carbon emissions and noise before, during and after February 21.

An estimated 147,000 litres of fuel were saved in the six events, she said."