Sunday, January 28, 2018

Amman, Jordan, car culture very unpleasant, expensive.

Lack of public spaces, inefficient public transportation in capital come under spotlight | Jordan Times: "“We need to create a sense of belonging to the city,” said an architect and urban planner Rami Daher during the event, denouncing the lack of “public spaces” in the city. 

“Just a very exclusive type of public space is being created which leads to geographies of inequality,” he insisted. 

The architect, along with the audience, asked for a bigger involvement of the state in the future development of the Jordanian capital with most of the claims focusing on transportation and public projects targeting the whole Ammani society. 

Nemeh Qatanani, GAM’s engineering director, referred to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which he said would help improve public transportation.

“The share of the public transport is very humble currently, with 5 per cent of rides made by buses and 8 per cent by shared taxi,” Qatanani stated. 

GAM highlighted its keenness to complete an organised public transportation system. “Between 20 and 25 per cent of household income of the Amman population is used for mobility expenses solely,” he said."