Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bus use up in Cyprus with help from free bus pass

Bus use up: "A significant increase was noted in intercity buses that connect the major towns with an increase of 82% in 2013.
In Nicosia, there was a rise in using buses by 11% since 2011, in Limassol it spiked 55%, in Paphos it was up 22% and in Famagusta there was a 40% surge. The amount of passengers recorded using buses in 2013, reached 25,833,173, including those who have a free bus pass. In Nicosia, 8,878,115 people used the bus, 5,513,698 in Limassol, 1,946,156 in Larnaca, 4,658,683 in Paphos and 3,844,815 in Famagusta."

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