Wednesday, September 24, 2014

War in Syria is about gas pipelines

Syria’s Pipeline War: “Operation Gas Pains”: "Qatar wants a gas pipeline to Europe – through Syria. The Turks want the Qatar pipeline to Europe – through Turkey and Syria. Assad has blocked this pipeline. So now the Turks and Qatar both support the imported al Qaeda fighters who are trying to overthrow Assad.

Iran does not want the Quatar pipeline to Europe. They want their own pipeline to Europe – via Syria. So the Iranians are supporting Assad. But this proposed line goes through Lebanon (and then under sea to Europe) bypassing Turkey - who now want to get rid of Assad.

Russia does not want the proposed Qatar gas pipeline to Europe, where they export most of their gas. So they have supported the Assad military dictatorship, their client and puppet, who has blocked it on their behalf – until Assad agreed to the Iranian pipeline to Europe."

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