Friday, January 22, 2016

People protest corruption in KRG

NRT English: "The global slump in oil prices, fight against the Islamic State (IS) and influx of Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis have added more pressure on the KRG’s economy without resolution.

As a result, Kurdish officials have repeatedly said the government does not have enough money to pay for basic services and salaries for employees and for Peshmerga on the frontlines in the war against IS.

On Wednesday (Jan. 20), the Wusha newspaper reported that Kurdish authorities seized some $250 million dollars belonging to an oil businesswoman and the wife of the Kurdistan Region’s current Minister of Natural Resources. This report raised suspicion of corruption within the oil revenues within the KRG, although the government denied the seizure of assets. Lawmakers and advocates called for increased transparency in the KRG oil revenues, including monitoring reports requested on a monthly basis."

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